COBIJO is a shelter, it is comfortable, practical, waterproof, resistant, transportable, easy to clean. I do not intend to solve the problem of people living on the streets, my wish is that these people sleep on mattresses, under a roof and are in a better situation, but the process is slow and meanwhile there they are, forgotten. I want us to realize that when we see a shelter there is a person sleeping there. Begin to look where we never look.


ANDREA FURLAN was born in 1976, in Argentina. Since 1999 she has been living in Spain and currently resides in Valencia. She is a manufacturing artist of waste, a designer, a consultant on sustainable projects. She does workshops, talks, sculptures, objects, installations and architectural projects that involve discarded materials and artistic actions. She is committed to transmitting that from creativity there is change towards other paradigms.



Nàquera (València), Spain