Conectores para domos

For the construction of domes we have experimented with recovered materials to achieve maximum efficiency with them. Thus, with pieces of material apparently not very strong, we get geodesic domes with stable and resistant structures. Here we present some DOME CONNECTORS that we have made, all of them 100% recycled: A) Tent sticks; B) Wooden sticks with PP pipe joints; C) Reeds, wire, seal and bicycle cameras;
D) Transparent plastic tube; E) Cardboard or thick rolled paper.


FREEDOME we are a collective that aims to facilitate the self-construction of Domes by means of the simplification of geodesic techniques, the reuse and use of environmental materials, we seek to consume little or nothing. We have participated in the construction of several Domes and we have all learned, enjoyed and shared a lot. It is what we like the most, the collective works.



Valencia, Spain