Disarming Design from Palestine

DISARMING DESIGN FROM PALESTINE is a thought-provoking design label that develops, presents and sells useful goods from Palestine, designed by contemporary designers and artists in collaboration with local producers. The label aims to spread alternative narratives about contemporary Palestine and reflect upon the function of creative practices in situations of conflict. By stimulating interdisciplinary working relationships new artistic models are empowered, feeding innovative ideas for crafts production and giving another dimension to the traditional representations of handcrafts. Art and design are deployed as powerful tools that allow serious discussions about the political, social and cultural realities.

OLD NEWS FROM PALESTINE are bows made of papier-mâché using old Palestinian newspapers, and are part of Disarming Design from Palestine. In the Al Quds (Jerusalem) newspaper, there is a section called ‘Al Quds twenty years ago’, with a picture of the paper’s front page from two decades previously. Reading this news today, it seems as if it wasn’t twenty years ago. The same topics are discussed: peace talks, prisoners, Jerusalem and refugees. Clearly there is a need for change. This bowl is


Disarming Design from Palestine is registered as a Palestinian non-profit company and as a foundation in the Netherlands, with a studio and warehouse in Belgium. The organisation is located in the old city of Birzeit, where they offer a design program.

The bowls are made by AHMAD NASSAR, a visual artist born in Jerusalem in 1974. His practice leads him through installations, multimedia, ceramics and sculpture. He has been working as an art instructor in installations, multimedia, ceramics and sculpture. Ahmad Nassar earned his bachelor’s in Educational Art from the Faculty of Art Education at Helwan University 2002, Cairo, Egypt.




Birzeit, Palestine