Dispositivos móviles de cocina, sonido y acción

These objects are self-constructed and mobile cooking devices made from 1000 liters recycled water deposits. These kitchens have been used in several situations, always with the aim of using cooking as a tool for social action. Based on the open source project Tankcocina by Todo Por La Praxis, we have created kitchens capable of meeting the food needs of large collectives.

The Guerrilla Truck (CAMIÓN GUERRILLA) is a unit that provides support to different multidisciplinary artistic activities in public spaces that focus on using art as a tool for social action.

LA MOCHILA DE COCINA (Kitchen Backpack) is a mobile kitchen kit designed to provide a kitchen/restaurant for up to four guests anywhere; a tool that guarantees healthy, decent and creative cooking, without the need of an actual kitchen.

EL LIBRO RECETARIO “Manuscritos de la Cocina de Guerrilla Sukaldea” (Manuscripts from the Guerrilla Kitchen Sukaldea) is a handwritten kitchen manual that combines creative gastronomy, culinary technique hacks and philosophical reflections from two chefs who have abandoned haute cuisine to create their own Guerrilla Kitchen. The manuscripts introduce the principles of Anarcocina (Anarkitchen) or free kitchen and include a series of recipes inspired by cutting-edge and traditional techniques used during the completion of the first Master’s in Management and Innovation at the Basque Culinary Center.


The GUERRILLA FOOD SOUND SYSTEM is a platform for cultural dissemination that focuses on creating contents that have a social perspective and on searching for new formulas for creation.




Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain