Eco-Soap making from used cooking oil

«Locally produced for local use! Upcycle and clean your home».
1 litre of used cooking oil can make 10 bars of ecosoap or 5 litres of liquid soap.


In collaboration with the Taiwanese NGO Taichung Maple Culture Association and Eco-School and its 20 years of experience, JOOSOAP STUDIO aims to spread knowledge about making ecological cleaning soap from used (kitchen) cooking oil on an international scale. The project involves workshops, local eco-soap products, toolkits and local-global networking collaborations.
Through sharing this sustainable knowledge and movement, we focus on the environmental issues of used cooking oil disposal and detergent use. By sharing and collaborating, we aim to create deeper connections with local restaurants, residents and communities to improve the sustainable life cycle.



Helsinki, Finlàndia / Taichung, Taiwan