REHOGAR is a collective exhibition and annual gathering about open design and reuse/upcycling as tools for social transformation.

From September 15 to October 29, 2017, Makea Tu Vida collective presents at Espai Zero de Fabra i Coats – Barcelona – this exhibition that is already a reference in the field of open design and reuse.

In its ninth edition, REHOGAR continues its commitment to build and strengthen an ecosystem of practices and objects that foment change in our current habits of production and consumption, that are capable of generating understanding, economy and collective innovations, and that explore paths towards social and environmental sustainability through the responsible use of resources.

The exhibition


REHOGAR pays particular attention to processes. Transformation processes that are made possible through techniques of reuse and open design methodologies, with the latter meaning design that grows and evolves because it can be improved upon by and with other people. The focus is not on the finished objects but on the idea of project as process, the most valuable result of which, in many cases, is the ability to bring about other processes.

The exhibition presents a selection of processes, practices and tools that can influence the social transformation of daily life.

This selection of 35 interdisciplinary experiences aims to serve as a map for exploring spaces, methods, resources and communities that provide evidence, reasons, attitudes, policies, practices, implications and effects to sustain the development of projects, which are collaborative, open source and focus on social and environmental responsibility and the optimization of resources.



REHOGAR is also a space for reflection, where questions about the relevance and choices to evolve towards this kind of behaviours and ways to doing can be shared.

In parallel with the exhibition a series of activities will be held, with the aim of disseminating and exploring the theoretical framework; experiencing first-hand and putting into practice some of the exhibited solutions and ideas; and creating spaces for remixing and entertainment that favour the generation and strengthening of collaborative networks.



Workshop Space — A Les Eines!


REHOGAR is not a typical exhibition. It is a collective invitation to think with your hands and take an active part in a series of transformation processes.

To reinforce this idea, during this edition there will be a Workshop Space — A Les Eines!, a laboratory for experiencing the fabrication processes -, equipped with the required tools and appliances for transforming wood, metal, textiles and plastics. The workshop will be open to neighbours and initiatives in the district, offering technical support and advice in the use of the tools and construction processes, as well as in solving problems regarding the equipping and provision of infrastructures for community spaces.

The Workshop Space — A Les Eines! will remain open during the exhibition and will be programmed based on the demands and connections be established during the process. It will be coordinated by a technical team formed by members of Makea Tu Vida and resident technicians.





From September 15 to October 29, 2017, REHOGAR 9 will take place at Espai Zero, a meeting area at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory and Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona.

Fabra i Coats — Espai Zero
c/ Sant Adriá 20. 08030 Barcelona.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 12.00 to 20.00
Sundays and Bank Holidays, from 11.00 to 15.00
Mondays closed

Free entrance


date: from September 15th to October 29th, 2017.

Venue: Fabra i Coats Espai Zero — Barcelona, Spain

A project by:
Makea Tu Vida

With the support of:
Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació and Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona · Ajuntament de Barcelona

Ateneu L’Harmonia – Casal de Barri Sant Andreu, Albert Batlle, Carla Boserman, Pablo Rey, Andrés Martínez, Irati Irulegui, Martí Roca, Elena Gisbert, Rebeca Ros, Dan, Marta Janer, Marc i Aniol, Guillermo Rojo, Noemí Clavería, Andrés Salguero, Raquel Pelta.

Curating and coordination:
Makea Tu Vida

Technical Team:
Alberto Flores, Mireia Juan, Santiago Doljanin, Ana Pérez.

Graphic Design: Flou Flou D.A.

Photos: Eva Carasol

Video: Natxo Medina

With the collaboration in Workshop Space — A Les Eines!:
Alencop SCCL, BAU Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona, Llotja Escola Superior de Disseny i Art, Universitat de Barcelona

Alessandro Zorzetto, Francesca Modolo, Maria De Fornasari, Piter Perbellini (Venice, Italy)
Amir Gazit Studio (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Andrea Furlan (Nàquera , Spain)
Arquimaña (Donostia, Spain)
Bea Lema (A Corunya, Spain)
Carpintería Expandida (Madrid, Spain)
Conjuntos Empáticos (Madrid, Spain)
De Bigot Enrotllat (Valencia, Spain)
Equipo Vira-Lata (Barcelona, Spain / Roma, Italy)
Flou Flou D.A. (Valencia, Spain)
Formosa (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Gompf + Kehrer (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Hache Creativa (Barcelona, Spain)
Heleen Klopper (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jonas Edvard (Copenhaguen, Denmark)
Joosoap studio (Hèlsinki, Finlàndia / Taichung, Taiwan)
Laura Jungmann (Karlsruhe, Germany)
#Maderaje (Madrid / Sevilla, Spain)

M.A.X. Manufacturas Auténticas Xan (Valencia, Spain)
MakerConvent (Barcelona, Spain)
Maraka (Basauri, Spain)
Mariola Marcet (Valencia, Spain)
Marta Janer Cervera (Badalona, Spain)
Martí Roca (Barcelona, Spain)
MNCR – Movimento Nacional de Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis (Brasil)
Nikolaj Steenfatt (Aabenraa, Denmark)
OOO My Design (Madrid, Spain)
Rebiennale s.a.s. (Venice, Italy)
Restarters BCN (Barcelona, Spain)
Straddle 3 + Todo por la Praxis (Barcelona/Madrid, España)
Studio Swine (London, UK)
Tristan Kopp (Saint Denis, France)
Truca Rec (Bilbao, Spain)
Vicente Mas Fito (Valencia, Spain)
Yael Jaroslavsky (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

With the support of:

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