FUNCIONA, eines per als objectes en desús

FUNCIONA stems from the emergence of creating new ways to look at waste in cities. It focuses on unused objects that temporarily occupy public space, those things that anonymous citizens leave abandoned in the street. The proposal is a series of pieces that appeal to the citizen and invite them to act in a different way: 1 A tool to create a place and let objects in disuse be seen in the public space: adhesive tape; 2 A tool to change the value of those objects in the public space: gift paper; 3 Tools for turning objects in disuse of private origin into collective ones in the public space: hangers; 4 A tool to facilitate the reuse of the objects in disuse in the public space: backpack.


MARTÍ ROCA BALCELLS. Having just finished a University Degree in Design at BAU (Barcelona), I try to find a space of comfort in those aspects of design that generate discomfort.


Barcelona, Spain.