Guitarra y Bajo

GUITARRA Y BAJO are vintage vacuum cleaners that have been joined to the neck of a guitar and a bass guitar. The circuits, pads and volume and tone controls have also been adapted. When connected to an amplifier they work just like a regular electric guitar and bass guitar. These instruments are part of one of the rounds in the International Competition of Recycled Designs, an occasional event where members of ‘De Bigot Enrotllat’ enter the ring as true fighters, an exhibition / theatre where they battle against each other, with unique designs previously created with their own personal touch.


DE BIGOT ENROTLLAT are Pablo and Xan, two industrial designers from Valencia with Diogenes Syndrome and an uncontrolled creativity. In our workshop / studio / shop of forgotten objects we create, we design and we sell unique, unbelievable objects, with an enormous sculptural value. We transform any object into any other.



València, Spain