IMPASTO is a self-invented biodegradable natural fibre composite made of leftovers from wood, coffee and skin production. The raw materials are mixed with pigment into a dough, pressed, rolled and folded into flat sheets, that afterwards can be shaped by vacuum forming. The aim of the project was creating a new biodegradable material, easy to work with and simple to understand. The production process is driven by an idea of creating a process that is adaptable to the industry, but has a unique output as if it is handmade.


NIKOLAJ STEENFATT (Aabenraa, 1987) was graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. His furniture and product designs are created in an intuitive and experimental process that tests and challenges material properties. Combining this intuitive method with systematic analysis, he merges industrial and hand-crafted qualities in an industrialized one-off production approach.



Aabenraa, Dinamarca