Io Sono Qua

Immersed in this culture of using, wasting and looking the other way, IO SONO QUA (Here I am) is a project that intends to connect with our environment, take care of it and turn its waste (however tiny) into a source of valuable materials, full of plastics possibilities and new interpretations. Io Sono Qua gives chance an important role and uses imagination as its main tool.


vira-lata: [from Portuguese] adj. (animal) of no distinct breed.
virar (turn over) v.1. move in the opposite direction or position. 2. (make) go in the direction of . 3. turn yourself upside down. 4. to follow by (path that goes around or turns). 5. to turn inside out. 6. turn around its own axis or centre. 7. make an effort to overcome difficulties, to achieve objectives. 8. undergo an alteration, move. 9. transform.



Barcelona, Spain / Roma, Itàlia