Lámpara Molécula

LÁMPARA MOLÉCULA is based on three-dimensional modular structures. The lamps are made from reused CDs. Using digital manufacturing techniques, modules are cut from the CDs and are joined together creating polyhedral structures, based on dodecahedrons. Using the dichroic reflection of the surfaces of the CDs, light effects are created.


SYSTEM DESIGN STUDIO was founded in 2010 in Barcelona, by architect Helbert Suárez and industrial designer Remi Melander. Their designs have been selected for events like Interior Design Vancouver 2009, Dwell on Design Los Angeles 2010, Milan Design Week 2012, London Design Festival 2012, Beijing Design Week 2013 and Living Architecture Hong Kong 2014, amongst others. In the area of green design, they have been awarded prizes including the Inhabitat Spring Greening Contest USA 2010.




Barcelona, Spain