Mace-maderero.2 Cosiendo madera

MACE-MADERERO.2 stems from two waste materials: plastic 5-litre bottles and pieces of wood left over from our carpentry workshop.
This model is the evolution, renovation and new version of Mace-maderero. Cosiendo madera.
In it we transform the design of flowerpots, making the idea of sewing pieces together with others more present. We experiment with colours and materials for both the recycled wood and the sewing material.
We have also improved the bottle cutting system, creating a model for water-growing only.


#MADERAJE. Fermina Garrido is an architect and designer. Fermin Garrido is a carpenter. Together they make creations that use wood as the base material, exploring its limits with regard to construction, shaping and renovation.




Madrid – Sevilla, Spain