MEDIATANKER was developed as a part of the workshop ‘Collective Construction in Public Space/QUAM11’ to design and construct furniture equipment for the activation of common spaces. Five mobile devices were developed during the workshop: the Mediatanker, an equipment for communication and multimedia actions; the Gastrotanker, a portable kitchen; the Agrotanker, a mobile garden with herbs; the Barratanker, a support for local reunions, meals; and Infotankers as info points for the assembly of 15M movement.


STRADDLE3 are people from very different fields, united by our interest in sustainability, accessibility, and the potential for intervention in the spaces that we inhabit, whatever they may me. we regularly work in the areas of housing, public space, digital public domain and participatory urbanism.
TODO POR LA PRAXIS is structured as a laboratory of aesthetic projects of cultural resistance with the ultimate goal of generating a catalog of tools and socially effective direct action.



Barcelona/Madrid, Spain