MYX Lamp

The MYX LAMP consists of plant fibre and mushroom-mycelium. The lamps are grown into shape over a period of 3 weeks, during which the mushroom eats and grows among the fibres forming a soft living fabric. After harvesting the edible mushrooms, the waste can be used as a dried and lightweight material that is organic, compostable and sustainable. The mushroom mycelium stabilizes the construction as it grows by physically joining the fibres and acting like a glue. It feeds on waste and stabilises the material in a matrix of mycelium roots. This creates a product with no waste, which also provides food during its growth cycle.


JONAS EDVARD graduated in 2013 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. His interest in design focuses on recontextualizing materials and challenging their use in daily objects.



Copenhaguen, Denmark