Nukak Nautic Collection

NUKAK NAUTIC COLLECTION uses kitesurfing sails that have a limited lifespan. After several years of holding up under strong winds, they lose some of the tension required to function properly. These sails are quite large, and the material is ultra-light and highly resistant. They also come in a wide variety of colours. All these characteristics offer infinite possibilities when designing the pieces that make up this collection.


NUKAK is a brand founded in Barcelona in late 2016. It was created by Patricio Abreu, who also started Vaho in 2001, and Pedro Ribosa, a professional in the audio-visual field. Our research into and repurposing of an endless array of discarded materials resulted in a variety of bags, accessories and furniture products. All the production is done locally at our Barcelona workshops, in an ethically-minded collaboration with local providers.



Barcelona, Spain