Oficina Portàtil

OFICINA PORTÁTIL is a compact folding portable desk. It can also be used as a small table for eating, reading or having a drink with someone. This first prototype is the result of a residency at Medialab-Prado, using the machines and the experimentation and knowledge context found in a FabLab. The pieces are obtained from a board of plywood and are assembled without using any plastic or metal joints. The digital drawings are available for download and can be personalised.


LUIS G. SANZ is an architect, always working on the edge of his profession, trying to practise it for the common good. He spent almost 20 years in Panama and Central America, first working in development cooperation and later in ecological lightweight modular construction. Since 2014 he has lived in Madrid, and as a member of CivicWise, has worked on projects related to architecture, urbanism and digital making of democratic inspiration.





Madrid, Spain