Remaker Lab

“Dismantling toys and junk feeds the curiosity of the little ‘maker’. The difficult part is putting it all back together as it was before! But why reassemble things the same?”. REMAKER LAB is a maker workshop for kids, young people and grown-ups where they can design and build new unique objects using parts of disused toys and electronic devices. We use junk and old and broken toys, adding our knowledge of mechanics, basic electronics, different tools and lots of creativity. We propose rethinking about our consumption habits, disposables, and upcycling, and combine it all with the learning of basic techniques. The result generates values including self-confidence, critical thought, cooperation, learning from mistakes, and the ability to create projects that are outside the usual aesthetic patterns.


HELBETH TROTTA, JOÃO AMARANTE and RENATA LEITÃO are the collective Remaker LAB, empowering their abilities and adding creativity and audacity.



Belo Horizonte, Brasil