Restart Parties

A RESTART PARTY is a public event wherevolunteers with technical skills help people to learn how to repair their damaged electrical and electronic appliances. The goal is to make people realise that devices can be repaired and how easy it can be to lengthen their life. Therefore, it makes people aware of the fact that we can all contribute to ecological and economic savings.


RESTARTERS BCN is an informal group formed in October 2015 and seeks to promote alternatives to programmed obsolescence and a reappropriation of technological knowledge. Inspired by the experience of The Restart Project in London, Restarters BCN emerged with the aim of activating and promoting the self-organization of Restart Parties in different neighbourhoods around Barcelona. For this reason, the group is open to the participation of anyone interested in this activity and their ultimate desire is to ‘infect’ other people and groups and eventually become a movement.




Barcelona, Spain