“Roca Recicla” is a pioneering initiative to become a zero-waste space by one of the best restaurants in the world, El Celler de Can Roca. Repurposing wasteful single-use materials, Andreu Carulla creates beautiful and useful objects that are sold to finance the project and used by the restaurant itself. RR201 utilises the raw materials of expanded polystyrene boxes used for transporting fish and seafood and transforms them into hexagonal stools with multiple uses. The production process is an adaptation of the current manufacturing system of expanded polystyrene boxes, resulting in no two stools being the same.


With materiality, craftsmanship and sustainability as goals, Andreu Carulla creates beautiful, vibrant objects with a timeless style. Following his childhood dream of becoming an inventor, Catalan-born Andreu Carulla founded his eponymous product design studio in 2006.





Banyoles, Spain