SAMESAME is a collection of glass objects that originate from standard commercial glass bottles and are given new shapes in Cornelius Réer’s workshop. Industrially produced bottles are used as casting blanks and converted into new objects by handcrafters – their once archetypal shapes altered aesthetically as well as functionally. Details of the original bottles remain recognizable, yet the makeover turns a standardized mass product into a high quality and unique one-off.


LAURA JUNGMANN studied product design at HFG Karlsruhe and ITÜ Istanbul. Since 2013, she has been self-employed as a product and graphic designer and works in the shared studio 20D in Karlsruhe. After graduating, she founded the glass label SAMESAME. Regional, ecological and social aspects, as well as the love of crafts and materiality determine her work.




Karlsruhe, Germany