Tejiendo La Calle

TEJIENDO LA CALLE is a project open to participation. It involves the creation of lightweight shade structures using the XXL crocheting technique. These can be found on the streets of Valverde de la Vera during its cultural week and the August fiestas in the village. The project began in January 2013 and is still being worked on. The installation created, helps express the place’s identity, and becomes a support for the intentions and desires of the people participating in the project.


MARINA FERNÁNDEZ RAMOS qualified as an architect from UPM (ETSAM, 2008), as a product designer from the Escuela de Arte 12 Diseño Industrial in Madrid (2013) and has a master’s degree in Art and Creation Research from UCM (Fine Arts, 2015). Research line: Urban Intervention, Socially Responsible Art, New Kinds of Public Art.


Autor: Yorokobu / Redacción: Gema Lozano/ Imagen: Josep Bedmar / Montaje: / Alberto Díaz-Faes / Música: Southern Arts Society Drink (Clifford 2011)




Madrid, Spain